I love expressing myself through art and movement! Always have. Always will. It's just one of those languages that everyone understands. Dance was the first avenue for me and is something I love to do to this day. I never realized that I always had a camera in my hand just taking pictures for fun. Eventually it turned from a hobby and now my career! I love documenting moments you can't replicate and creating memories that can last a lifetime. Authenticity, transparency and love motivate me to capture the greatest version of you. Want to know another thing that I really care about? Your skin. I take my time to make sure your melanin is poppin' and that your images look like YOU! 

docmenting moments you can't replicate

chicago wedding photographer

Driven by our Values

We are all human so being flexible is key. We want you to enjoy your big day so we make an effort to be as accommodating as possible!

people first

From the initial consultation my goal is to get to know your personality and your likes and dislikes. I want you to be comfortable in your own skin. From there I plan a session that will help you feel like the best version of yourself.


As a mom I know the years fly by and making memories is everything, I have built my business to provide flexibility and to help you capture memories that you'll talk about for generations to come.

family over everything

I am a wife and a mother. I am a foodie! I think I have more restaurants to try saved on my IG than anything else! Traveling needs to become more of a hobby for me because I don't do it enough. When we meet, I can promise you 2 things - laughs will be had and music will be included!

On a Personal Note...

Binge watching T.V. shows

Reading a good book

Dancing to good music

Trying new foods, but my favorite food is tacos al pastor 

Traveling to Spain

Trying new foods, tacos al pastor is beginning to have my heart
Dancing to good music
Reading a good book (open to recommendations if you have any!)
Binge watching T.V. shows

A Few of My Favorite Things

let's have some fun

Can you feel the love tonight?

yea i have the warm fuzzy feeling

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